"Pupils show consideration and respect for others. They are friendly, polite and happy in school. There is a warm, welcoming atmosphere that is conducive to learning."(Ofsted 2017)

“Students showed a clear love of learning and the ‘Growth Mindset’ culture supported resilience if they at first found concepts challenging. It was a joy to witness the thrill of pupils when they mastered difficult concepts and punched the air in excitement shouting “Yes! Yes!” (PDET)

"Teachers create motivating, attractive and welcoming classrooms that enrich pupils’ learning." (Ofsted 2017)

“Pupils enjoy their learning. Teachers know the pupils well and use exciting and imaginative activities to stimulate their learning. The curriculum is enriched by numerous additional activities.”(Ofsted 2017)

"Parents spoke to me openly and with warmth about their support for the school and how the school’s leadership has transformed their children’s attitude to learning."(PDET)


The results of our latest Parent Questionniare (conducted in November 18) and CHILDREN'S questionnaire are in the 'parents  section' of our website.