We are consulting on a new admission policy for 2020. Please see the link in our 'key information and policies' section. Consultation finishes on the 21st of December 2018.

Do you have any concerns regarding your child's health? Our school nurse will be in school on Tuesday 20th March 9am--11.30am. If you would like an appointment to speak with her for advice please contact Chris Parfitt at school.

We are a school that strives to serve and make a positive impact on our community. A key part of our behaviour policy is that we all have god given rights; and with these rights come responsibilities. Because all of us have the right to be safe and happy means we all have a responsibility to protect, and not to deny, that right for others. It is this principle that fuels our desire to have a positive impact on our community.

To help us achieve this vision we have a dedicated team called the St. Andrew’s Little Ambassadors! It is a constantly evolving team of some of our older children – click the slide show below to see how this team have benefitted our local community so far…..

After our big focus on improving our child's physical and mental health we have been awarded the EMBEDDED status for the Healthier Child Project 2020. This video describes this award!